Decision Table and How it is used in a rule engine

Decision table is used to write rules in a manner that same conditions are evaluated for a different set of data. Decision tables are used in most of the rule engines to write business rules.


A very Simple Hello World Program in Java

his short example shows how to write first java application and compile and run it. I am assuming that latest version of JDK is installed on your machine


Ajax AutoComplete in Java, J2EE

Ready to use code for an autocomplete in ajax. This tutorial will explain you how to create a autocomplete using ajax in java.


Lifecycle Callbacks for Stateless Session Beans

Tutorial for Lifecycle Callbacks for Stateless Session Beans.


Get Started with Using Ajax in Java

Ajax is an acronym which stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is the method of using the XMLHttpRequest object to facilitate communication with scripts that are server sided.


Invoke Method using Java reflection API

Using Java Reflection API, we can invoke methods on an object at runtime without knowing the names of them in advance


Read/Write Excel Sheet using Java

This tutorial shows how to read/write an excel sheet using Java POI HSSF API.


Convert a List (ArrayList) to an Array

This piece of Java code shows how to convert a List, in this case an ArrayList, to an Array by calling the method toArray() on the List object.


Read Data from InputStream to a String

This code example shows how to read data from an InputStream object and ultimately store it in a String object.


How to Create a Thread in Java

There are two main ways of creating a thread. The first is to extend the Thread class and the second is to implement the Runnable interface.