IBM WebSphere Products List

IBM Websphere is a series of enterprise products which are useful for various busniess domains including banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing.This Includes a BPM suites useful for various process like loan origination systems.


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WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Integration Developer

WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Integration Developer downloads and tutorials


Using JAXP to both read and write an XML document

Using JAXP to both read and write an XML document. THis tutorial shows how to read and write and xml file in Java.


How to read, write a XML Document using Java API for XML Parsing ( JAXP) | JAXP Tutorials

JAXP (Java APIs for XML Processing) enables applications to parse, transform, validate and query XML documents using Java. JAXP is widely used in the SOA and web services. JAXP has become a popular technology in XML.


Unmarshalling and Marshalling XML using Jaxp and JAXB

Unmarshalling provides a client application the ability to convert XML data into JAXB-derived Java objects.


Object Relation Mapping In Java

ORM works by transforming data from one representation to another.


Java Persistence API (JPA)  Tutorial

Java Persistence API or JPA for short is a lightweight, POJO-based Java framework to persist the Java Objects to the relational database


Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Its importance to the Solution architect

This page shows how Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) fits in the SOA and how it is used to leverage the importance of the java web services


enterprise service bus (ESB) Configuration

"SOA" is "ESB."